About Us

Our mission is to make this world a better place for SMEs in Nigeria.

Stara is a firm made up of ICT, financial and business experts that collaborates with clients to maximize the potential IT and data systems, address the complexity and needs of businesses with advanced technology solution to accelerate growth, provide a “Complete Package” for enterprise software and hardware services; from procurement through integration, operation and management

We deliver extremely high quality, relevant and accurately tailored results to the clients to enable making cost effective, informed decisions, which lead to organizational growth. We are known for the following:

  • Quality Product Development
  • User-friendly Design
  • Professional Consultancy
  • Awesome Team

Our Services

Software Development

We render customizable application software services that suit your business needs. We design, integrate and support e-commerce application, mobile application, enterprise web application and many more

Asset Procurement & Deployment

We procure and deploy hardware through an automated supply chain across the Country with fast delivery service. Our procure and deploy servers, PC, Laptop, Cabling, Security systems, digital signage, etc.

Financial Inclusion

We provide the most efficient, simple and cost effective way for people in rural areas have access to banking services. We provides cash withdrawal, cash deposit, bill payment and account opening and wallet services

Server Management

We offer Server migration (to upgrade the current server to a newer and better version), management and support for client. We work around your company IT budget


We strategize on how best to prepare your environment for new technology, reduce risks and minimize impact to your production environment and get the best, most appropriate product and solutions your business require


We are dedicated to delivering excellence ICT training to corporate organisation in Nigeria. We offer training on Software Development, e-commerce Development, Web Design, and other IT training.

Let's Work Together!